The culture crunch

A deeper look at the challenges technology companies face throughout growth

The culture crunch explores scores for employee engagement, compensation and leadership at different stages of VC-funded companies.

As companies continue the fight to attract talent, culture is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. In a 2016 report by LinkedIn, 66% of candidates reported they most wanted to know about a company's culture, significantly more than perks or company mission. For most job candidates, understanding an organization's culture is becoming a requirement, not a nicety.

What you'll learn

  • Key aspects to focus on in each stage of company growth
  • How employees perceive the trade-off between salary and equity
  • The role of leadership in moving your company forward


  • –  Engagement
  • –  Early stage companies
  • –  Series B companies
  • –  Series C companies
  • –  Late stages
  • –  Exited companies
  • –  IPO companies
  • –  Acquired startups