How learning and development opportunities impact retention

A Culture Amp whitepaper

What makes employees stay, and what makes them leave?

Understanding the levers behind retention of employees can be challenging. Because Culture Amp captures both engagement surveys and onboard and exit surveys, we can investigate the engagement scores of people who left jobs in New Tech companies. We can analyze the relationship between how they answered certain questions and their likelihood of leaving. We've taken a look at what people who left a company thought about the learning and development opportunities – and there are some valuable insights.

What you'll learn

  • How learning and development really impacts peoples’ decisions to leave an organization
  • Why it’s important to be truthful in job advertisements
  • How ten great companies are approaching learning and development
“Those who perceive that the right people are rewarded and recognized at their company are 39% more likely to stay.”


  • –  The questions that matter
  • –  5 learning and development essentials
  • –  Demographic insights: age, tenure, gender
  • –  What leading organizations focus on to improve learning and development: Yelp, Pixar, Airbnb, Earls, Etsy, OverDrive, 1800 Got Junk, Digital Ocean, Optoro
  • –  Tools